Pikes Peak Library District is collecting stories about the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents of the Pikes Peak Region are invited to share their stories and experiences. People can submit written stories, photographs, or videos depicting their response to the pandemic and its impact on their lives.

Any observations are welcome. Submissions can include dealing with illness, quarantine, sheltering in-home, social distancing, employment, working from home, working in health care, schooling, travel, and other general observations.

Here are some questions that can serve as a guide:

• How has your life changed?
• What activities are you doing now that you did not do before?
• How are you staying connected to friends and family?
• What do you miss most?
• What moments will you never forget?

Stories and images will be visible on this platform and may be added to Pikes Peak Library District’s Digital Collections. However you choose to participate, you will help document this historic event in the Pikes Peak Region.

Submitting Your Digital Content

The submission process is free and takes approximately 10 minutes. You may submit as many written stories, photographs, or videos as you would like. Stories can include reflections, letters, diary entries, etc. Our community is experiencing a historic event and your submissions help us document our story. Please make sure to accurately describe what you are submitting.

Acceptable File Formats


Submissions may be added to the Pikes Peak Library District archive, however, patrons maintain the copyright and can submit their photos/stories elsewhere. Content donated to PPLD will be accessible to the public. Any submissions may potentially be used in future exhibits and research projects.